TERATECH has been one of the recognized leaders in the vacuum gate valve for semiconductor industry in Korea since 2001. We were the first in the world to develop the inline gate type soft start valve and to deliver the new 300mm FAB in Korea, much to the satisfaction of our customers. The valves have a market shared to more than 80% in Korea. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we have developed recently a powder protection & particle free type gate valve recently by our constant R&D activities. Currently our new product, the plasma cleaning system, is used for effective cleaning the by-products on the vacuum fore line, valves and vacuum pump; it was developed by our own plasma technology. Consequently,we have started etching & ashing system with plasma technology applications.

We, TERATECH, will continue every effort to realize the vision “21C Technology Leader in Semiconductors & FPDs Equipment” with best products & service.
We will appreciate your constant concerns and encouragements for TERATECH, sincerely promising you to move forward to play a pivotal role in the semiconductor equipment industry

NOW TERATECH is a worldwide producer of Gas system & Vacuum System for Semiconductor, LED, LCD and Solar cell, and a manufacturer of LED Lightings for indoors & outdoors installations. We have many years of experience in providing Gas system & Vacuum system.

In 2013, we launched a new business (LED Lighting) and merged with a promising LED company, which was founded in 2007 and has continuously grown through its own technological developments, productions and sales.

TERATECH aims to become a key player in the global LED lighting industry and contribute to the expansion of major niche markets by making high quality products cheaper and well adapted to the needs of our customers.
Thank you.

CEO CHOI, Byoung-Chun