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Too much by-products created by process gases in the Semiconductor/FPD manufacturing process
The by-products (exhaust gases & silicon particles) travel down exhaust line and deposits on the PCV(Pressure Control Valve), Bellows, Vacuum line and Pump as silicon powders
The Powders lead to PCV & Pump failures, particle creation and decrease vacuum efficiency
You can etch and clean periodically the deposited powders
by the FRG Plasma Cleaning System (Patented)
You can increase Productivity Enhancement and also reduce PM cost.
  • Automatic Plasma cleaning for Vacuum line & Pump
  • No impact on the process
  • Cost saving for Pump & vacuum line maintenance and wafer damage from particles
  • Productivity improvement (Reduction of the M/C downtime)
  2-channel 1-channel
System components
Plasma Reactor - 2 unit
RF-Generator - 1 unit
Controller - 1 unit
AGV40 -2 EA
Plasma Reactor - 1 unit
RF-Generator - 1 unit
Controller - 1 unit
AGV40 - 1 EA
Accessories (Option)
V.M.P (Valve Manifold Panel)
Foreline adapter
Gas test kit
Gas inlet tube (1/4” flexible)
Applications : Diffusion / CVD / Metal / Etch
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